Laundry King

With its huge capacity of 70 litres, this cabinet is specifically designed for the large family and a big workload.

70 litres Retailer Codes Product Info


Tap not included.
Tiling flange not shown.

  • Dimensions:
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  • Cabinet: Polymer
    • Rust Free FOREVER
  • Tub: Polymer
    • Rust Free FOREVER
  • Includes:
Door Tidy
Retailer Code
Bunnings 5148463
Reece 2001409
Tradelink 069137
Samios MILMTC-70WH
PSCo-Op 853125
McCANNS 070-9450
NCP 172656
Ken's 842310
Centre O33595
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Laundry King diagram of dimensions

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